Commercial Kitchens

MCP Incorporated | Hood Cleaning | Exhaust Hood CleaningCommercial Kitchens present unique challenges for cleaning and maintaining health department standards. MCP Incorporated knows how to clean all the components, exhaust hoods, stainless steel tables and ranges, floors, walls, ceilings.

MCP Incorporated is capable of providing a wide range of commercial cleaning services to Hospitals, Restaurants, Industry and Schools.You can use our services as you need them or on a contractual basis including:

  • Degreasing and repairing hoods, ducts and fans Grease filter replacement
  • Cooking equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • HVAC duct cleaning and all other phases of commercial kitchen maintenance
  • Power washing and steam cleaning
  • Complete degreasing and cleaning of exhaust system and HVAC ducts
  • Industrial cleaning of all kinds
  • Chemical degreasing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Power washing floors, ceilings, walls, walk-in boxes, hoods, ducts, fans and cooking equipment
  • Dust removal Fan repairs Filter replacement Grease Trap Service

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