Construction Sites

MCP Incorporated cleans construction sites during and after the project is completed.MCP Incorporated cleans construction sites start to finish. Our experienced, professional staff is efficient and works quickly to get a site ready for occupancy.

We do a site walkthrough to determine what is needed to completely clean the site and get it ready for inspections or occupancy.

Once we pick up all the garbage, scrap material and remove or recycle the wood, glass and plastic. After broom sweeping the floors and walls, we use high power vacuum cleaners to remove any remaining sawdust from grooves or between walls. This helps prevent any infestation of mice or insects.

Having MCP Incorporated do interim cleaning by bringing in a crew can many times cost less than a full time on site employee and the associated costs involved with hiring a full time employee.

Keeping a construction site clean and neat helps to ensure your workers are safe and it presents a great image to the property owners or inspectors.

In addition to site cleanup we also offer:

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Concrete Honing and Grinding
  • Carpet Extraction
  • Floor Stripping, Sealing and Waxing
  • Pre Selection Consulting  - choose the right products to eliminate long term maintenance costs
We can be consult with you, your clients, your architect or designer to choose the right flooring, countertops, surfaces to make sure that long term maintenance costs are factored into your selection process. There's nothing worse than having a beautiful (insert product here) that has unanticipated costs to maintain. Do not fall victim to buyers remorse because you didn't have all the facts on the product you are purchasing for your home, office, warehouse, factory, church, synagogue or other commercial project.

Give us a call today for a free no obligation estimate at 309-346-8342 We can go out on short notice too if you have that ASAP job.