Residential Cleaning

MCP Incorporated specializes in granite and stone countertop honing, polishing and restoringMCP Incorporated handles many jobs in some of the finest properties in the Peoria metro area. We do project cleaning, when you move out or move into a home that hasn't been cleaned prior to your move. From top to bottom, make your new home shine like new.

Home Services available:

  • Marble Floor Restoration and Polishing
  • Marble Counter Restoration and Polishing
  • Granite Counter Restoration and Polishing
  • Concrete Honing and Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings - installation and sealing
  • Carpet Extraction


In a conversation with Jeff Flaugher, Vice President of MCP Incorporated stated "Keep in mind that if stone countertops are installed correctly, they do not require annual maintenance. Companies that tell you your countertops need this type of maintenance are trying to sell you their products.   If we come out and maintenance is not needed, we cannot in good conscious take advantage of consumers. There's a moral thing, an ethical thing. Every job I go into on stone, they ask me if I have to maintain it yearly. This is what they are told when they buy their countertops."


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