Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is durable, easy to maintain and an affordable material for warehouses, factories and other manufacturing facilities. Not so much anymore! Stained and polished, concrete takes on a high end sheen that is showing up in restaurants, coffee shops, and even roller skating rinks! We are certified in Lavina Diamond Grinding and Polishing along with the best in concrete stains that give a brand new look to old floors.

Case Study: We recently began a project at Orbit Skate Center in Palatine IL, redoing the side aisles, party rooms and snack bar area of this well known rink in the Chicago area. The concrete had been covered by interlocking rubber tile for 39 years. After taking up the rubber tile, the pattern was still on the floors along with cracks, holes and uneven areas. After grinding each area, the clean concrete emerged but still had the tile pattern and the owner decided that would add an interesting texture once stained and polished.

"I can't believe the difference, it cleans in one pass with our floor scrubber and is an amazing difference over the rubber tile we had before. Our skaters say it's wonderful to skate on too and not slippery.", Peter Johnson, Facility Manager Orbit Skate Center

Using diamonds to grind and polish is cutting edge technology, each area meets 11 different grits and progressively gets smoother and more polished. A densifier is applied to harden the concrete and get ready for staining. After the stain is applied, 2 more passes are done to bring the floor to a glossy shine and smoothness. Amazing patterns and colors can be achieved with our gold standard of stains.

 If you are looking for a forever finish for your concrete floors, give us a call and get a free, no obligation estimate today. 309-346-8342 and ask for Michele.

  • Orbit Skate Center

    Diamond polished stained concrete is durable and resistant to wear.

  • Diamond Grinding

    We grind the surface to bring up a clean concrete that takes well to the stain.

  • Densifying

    Applying a densifier hardens the concrete.

  • Cracks and Holes

    We fill cracks and holes with epoxy that is then ground and polished to blend in and add texture to the finished floor.

  • Grinding

    Each pass with the machinery brings a brighter and cleaner surface.

  • Old to New

    We are awaiting our photographers images to put into this slide show, check back soon.

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