Spill Containment Division

MCP Incorporated carries a full line of absorbent products that will allow you to help prevent spills of hazardous materials and clean up any spills that do occur. Many products like ours were used to contain the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of 2010. We are able to meet and usually beat our competition's pricing and, for local customers, offer FREE DELIVERY!

 We would love to secure your business and help you keep spills in check. We also know that it can be intimidating to change to a new vendor. To combat those fears, MCP is pleased to offer a Trial Absorbents Program. We stand behind our products and feel certain that you will choose MCP for your absorbent and spill containment needs!

Hydraulics in manufacturing facilities leak. You have to contain the leaks. You don't want them out in the aisles or walkways and you don't want it to seep into the concrete and contaminate the ground soil and water tables. Transmission fluids, gasoline, kerosene.

To learn more about our various absorbent products, please view our product descriptions: Airlaid | Bonded Oil | Fine Fiber | Meltblown